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Dear LD14 Voters,

Recently, primary imitation letters have been sent to voters in an attempt to mislead them. Despite this, our district remains committed to our plans. The perpetrators overlooked crucial project details, which has actually worked in our favor.

This deceitful act aimed to undermine the individual voices of LD14 Precinct Committeemen by imitating their projects to deceive voters into thinking it represented the Precinct Committeemen's voices.

It's important to note the significant costs incurred by those responsible. They chose to use individual stamps instead of bulk-rate options, bearing the full expense in their misguided attempt to silence LD14 Precinct Committeemen's voices.

I encourage you to carefully evaluate the local candidates mentioned in the imitation letters for LD14 House and consider the gravity of these actions. This was an effort to suppress the voices of our dedicated and diverse Precinct Committeemen.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly with any concerns.


Chairman Adams

Join the party that stands for what's right!

In order to correct the path our country is on, we all must get involved. There is a lot of power in joining together and making our voices heard. 

We have the power to do great things together.

The people are the party not politicians.

We the people make up America, not our leaders, we have power but only if we work together on common goals and stop standing silent on the sidelines. Please step up with us as a Precinct Committeeman and help take charge of the party direction. Individuals CAN influence the actions our party takes but only if YOU get involved.

Change starts from the bottom up.

Precinct Committeemen are voted in by the local community (your neighbors) and they vote in every other position in the Republican Party. This is a powerful system to change our leadership, helping get people in charge who share our values and will take action to move our party in a better direction. Build a better party with us!
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Lack of action is killing our party

It's up to us. We need to speak out, lead, and initiate change. Want to learn how to actually make a difference in how the GOP is run?

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Precinct Committeemen are the foundation of the Republican Party. It's enjoyable, rewarding, and you will learn so much along the way. Grab hold of the responsibility to make a change.

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The first step is to be a registered Republican, this is required to affect the Republican Party. The next step is working together to register others.

Attend the Meeting & Get Involved

Strategize with us, our monthly meetings are how we band together for common goals, we meet regularly on the 3rd Monday of each month. All Republicans are more than welcome to join us!

United we are strong!

Being a PC involves door knocking, phone banking and building relationships within your community. 

Check out our events page and keep up with all the work LD 14 is doing to keep AZ red.
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Legislative district meetings are the key to getting information and having a dialogue with elected officials. 

Don't let your voice go unheard.
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