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Getting involved and taking action is the key to making a difference for our party

Precinct Committeeman: the most important elected official in the Republican Party! (Precinct Committeeman, a PC, is the official title of a grassroots volunteer.)

Elections are not won at the state, national, or even county level; elections are won in the individual precincts, one vote at a time with the help of grass root leaders, namely Precinct Committeemen (PCs).

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PC Activities
Gather Petitions and Signatures
Recruit PC's
Canvass Neighborhoods
Poll Workers or Watchers
Attend Meetings
Register Voters
Educate Voters
Support Candidates
Write Letters to Blogs/Editors
Texts & Phone Calls
Use RTS System at Legislature
Volunteer at Events
Lobby Government
Come to our next event

How It Works

The “fundamentals” of politics is registering voters, polling, telephoning, door knocking, spreading the Republican platform, building relationships between neighbors and elected officials and turning out the vote on Election Day. 

These are the fundamentals that WIN elections and put Republicans in office. So naturally, your personal influence on the public is a reflection of you, and is what the Republican Party ultimately becomes. 

PCs are the key to winning elections all the way up the ballot and is why we consider you the most important elected officials in the Republican Party!

Come to events and get informed

Getting to know your community of fellow Republicans is important. This is the perfect place to share information and ideas on how to improve the party from the ground up. 

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Become a PC

Besides working in your individual precinct, PCs meet monthly with other Republicans in their Legislative Districts. These Republican Committees work together as teams, combining their individual talents to stand for Republican values.

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Work with your LD Chairman to do more

Each Legislative District (LD) has an LD Chairman that organizes and supports effective teamwork and growth. Most LDs also have various committees and ways to help. At these local meetings you have the opportunity to meet regularly with local and state elected officials.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is a Legislative District?
The Arizona State House of Representatives is also known as the lower house of the Legislature, made up of 60 Representatives, two from each of Arizona’s 30 legislative districts. Arizona has 30 legislative districts. Representatives are elected from the same legislative districts as the members of the Arizona State Senate. Each district elects one senator and two representatives.
How can I learn more about meetings?
Contact Chairman Adams to get any questions answered, and to get more information about the LD14's meetings.
Who are the LD14's representatives?
Warren Peterson - State Senate
Travis Grantham - State Rep
Laurin Hendrix - State Rep (Coming Nov 2022)